Care Continuum

We collaborate from the village level through to the office of the Administrative Director of Health Services with the common goal of better health outcomes.

Health Advocacy

We advocate for improved health through our community education programs and materials.

Physical Therapy

Using instruction with a specifically designed exercise program, our focus is on prevention. Our therapists treat chronic conditions/provide post-op follow up when necessary.

Women's Health

Education, prevention, support and resources such as prenatal vitamins are helping us to make a real difference today, and healthier pregnancies for future generations.

Dental Care

Nearly all the school age children in the region have been treated with fluoride. Professional dental work is also provided at our clinics. We provide hundreds of people with brand new smiles.


Diseases, ailments, and infections of the skin are common in poverty-stricken areas, but care is not. Our dermatologist runs a very busy clinic and is one of our most in-demand specialties.


While our focus is on eye health education, we’ve set our sights on screening, testing and offering eye-care for everyone in the region. How amazing is that?

Hospice Care

End of life and compassionate care can be offered in the final days of an individual’s life

Want to become a volunteer?

“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” — Mahatma Gandhi

Our Model

We collaborate with Honduran practitioners to deliver world-class health care and education in the villages of Opatoro and Santa Ana Regions. We are the only NGO offering health services in this region.


We take time to get to know the communities, the people and their home environments, where we can make realistic assessments for a continuum of care with their local nurses and health promoters.


We work with community leaders to understand institutional structures and how to work within them. The local doctors and nurses, health promoters and village advocates, guide us with expert knowledge for providing best practices.


We’re committed to these regions to help improve general health and outcomes with an emphasis on prevention. Our friendships play a very important role for returning team members. Volunteer colleagues from Tegucigalpa, the US and other countries have established strong ties with their rural counterparts.

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Our Work

Brand New Smiles

​Our team accomplisheda great deal of work through the continued support our non-profit partners. The team included 19 members from the US and 18 Honduran volunteers in addition to the local doctors and nurses, health promoters and voluntarios from each village.     Our dental clinics (Eight Honduran practitioners and one US dentist) and included […]

Definitive Care

One of the most rewarding aspects of collaborative work has been the ability to connect resources to benefit children in need of surgical intervention and therapeutic treatment. Working in a remote area with very limited access to care or even to transportation offers challenges in meeting the needs of people who require definitive care. In […]


How Our Program Started..     Our program began with Dr. “Mighty Joe” Young, one of the many dedicated volunteer practitioners from Newtown, Connecticut. Eye disease is endemic in our regions and we have been anxious to work on prevention and treatment. Joe has worked very hard to establish our first eye clinics, beginning with […]

Cheyli’s Story

A Life Transformed     We met her at nine years of age, she had never left her small village nor been able to go to school. She was born with club feet and spina bifida, but her family never had the ability to get her the surgery she required. The past two years have […]


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