Brand New Smiles
15 April, 2018

Brand New Smiles

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​Our team accomplisheda great deal of work through the continued support our non-profit partners. The team included 19 members from the US and 18 Honduran volunteers in addition to the local doctors and nurses, health promoters and voluntarios from each village.



Our dental clinics (Eight Honduran practitioners and one US dentist) and included the generous talents and skills of dental technicians who created prosthetic teeth for 41 lucky patients. Maritza Morel Flores is the owner of Dental Marfil Comayaguela and once again donated most of the materials as well as the time and talent of her assistant, Walter Funes. Together they created brand new smiles for 41 patients through their skills in prosthetic dentistry.

This is an incredible gift, bringing confidence and beautiful smiles to so many deserving people.

The dental and medical teams worked in two clinics. Together the dental clinic saw 408 patients in addition to the prosthetic work. Incredibly, the two rural dentists administered 2,518 doses of fluoride to children in October and November.

CHPH donates the fluoride and provides the oral health and nutrition curriculum which the teachers provide in each village school.The program was developed by our local directors with the cooperation of each village school and the municipalities. The rural dentists visit each school twice each year for the fluoride program we have developed together.

The Chispa Project



Our organization also partnered with the Chispa Project to promote oral health education. Chispa’s project was spearheaded by a high school student who developed a wonderful coloring book geared to our oral health curriculum with review by our directors during its development. Each book consisted of beautiful drawings and Honduran sayings.

Every child received a copy of the interactive book along with a toothbrush. The Chispa Project distributed them to over 500 students throughout the region in each village school.


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