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Jennifer Smith

Terence Noonan and Jennifer Smith have worked on medical and dental missions in Honduras for almost 2 decades. Jennifer and Terence have led innumerable teams to different sites throughout the country on successful missions, and CHPH is a natural outgrowth of those experiences. Beginning in 2012 Jennifer and Terence started their own recognized 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, TJIF, Inc., which operates as CHPH, to facilitate a different model of development, a more collaborative and community- based model. They investigated potential sites and eventually did a home stay with a farming family in Opatoro’s  western highlands, where they were welcomed in by Roger, Sandra, and their children. With their guidance, and the local expertise of Marlon Toledo, DMD, they met with regional officials and community representatives. The experience was unlike any previous trips to Honduras. The potential to work in a collaborative manner, offering more sustainable and better health outcomes, got them hooked. This was a chance to live within the community, to be a part of it, to work side by side with those who are doing the work every single day. Owing to this constellation of factors, CHPH made a commitment to the community and the community, in turn, made a commitment to CHPH. A few years in, and this collaborative model is flourishing.


Terence and Jennifer have five children, and all of them have volunteered in Honduras. The elder three have become avid world travelers, and have volunteered throughout Honduras and the world- in places such as Honduras, Kenya, Bolivia, and Ecuador. Two have chosen careers in the health field as a direct result of their experiences in Honduras.

Our team members are dedicated to continuing our work together, and we are extremely grateful to the talented and generous spirits who have pledged to honor our mutual commitment in Opatoro. We couldn’t do this without them. Our spring brigade is robust, with many returning volunteers, and our developing (newer) November team is dynamic, with many interdisciplinary members giving of their time.

Our sustainable model incorporates the highest level of medical and dental care, performed in concert with the local health care providers who bring to bear their local knowledge of the people, their home-environments, and a realistic assessment of follow-up after-care and referrals when necessary. The doctor and nurses know their community and guide us with the expert knowledge that is critical in providing best practices.

Terence and Jennifer and all the volunteers have made a commitment to this community to not only aid in improving general health and outcomes, and to the extent possible, to be a small part  of the life there. We are fortunate to have been afforded the opportunity to visit and work in this community. If this collaborative model sounds good to you, we would very much like you to volunteer and come with us.

Dr. Carrasco volunteered with our teams in 2017, becoming our Interim Medical Director in June. We are thrilled that he has recently been hired to work with the surgical teams at One World Surgery, located at of Nuestros Pequenos Hermanos. Dr. Carrasco has been a great asset in our efforts to coordinate surgical care, pre & post-op appointments, and follow-up for several children in our regions. The care and compassion with which he cares for his patients rival only his diligence and dedication to his work with CHPH.


Dr.  Carrasco was born in Tegucigalpa, Honduras, where he lived with his parents before

moving to Sabana Grande, a small village in southern Francisco Morazan. Growing up in a rural area offered him the opportunity to live surrounded by nature,  away from the noise of big cities and the chance to experience rural life.

He completed his early education and earned a scholarship which provided him the opportunity to complete his high school education in Tegucigalpa, graduating with honors. Supported by his family, Jorge decided to realize a long held dream of becoming a physician and enrolled in the School of Medicine at Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Honduras (UNAH),  becoming the first member of his family to attend university.

Dr. Carrasco performed his internship year in the Hospital Escuela Universitario, the largest and most important public hospital in Honduras. For his social service year he was assigned to Langue, Department of Valle, a community in southern Honduras where he was able to serve many people in need. After completing his social service, he was granted the degree of Doctor in Medicine, Cum Laude.

Dr. Carrasco began working with One World Surgery on the campus of Nuestros Pequenos Hermanos in the summer of 2017. He is working under the tutelage of Dr. Merlin Antunez, the surgical director at OWS and one of our great friends. OWS has provided surgery and support for a number of our patients and we are extremely proud to be partnering with this outstanding organization. Dr. Carrasco has been our link to our surgical patients, keeping us updated on their progress and helping us to provide for their needs in follow-up care.

During his spare time he is an avid reader. He also enjoys listening to music, watching movies, working out, and spending time with friends. He is planning on applying to a medical residency program in the coming year.


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