Vitamin Angels
13 April, 2018

Vitamin Angels

/ 5 months ago
Improving The Nutrition of People In Rural Honduras

Our non-profit partner Vitamin Angels has been very generous with several grants of prenatal vitamins. V.A. has donated enough vitamins over the past year to provide 238,795 days of improved nutrition to women who are expecting. Together with prenatal vitamins, we have received from Americares, Brothers Brother,  and Heart to Heart we have been able to put enough vitamins on the shelves of each rural clinic throughout the regions of Opatoro, Santa Ana, Yarula, and Santa Elena.

This includes a total of 18 clinics, incorporating the central and satellite clinics in each region to provide immediate access to this precious resource at the outset of pregnancy when it is most critical for a baby’s development. CHP-H could not provide these vitamins without our non-profit partners and we rely upon the regional health services to distribute them where they are needed.

The director of the four regions (called a “mamlesip”, a grouping together of regions for common initiatives) Dr. Gisella Dubon coordinates with the regional directors, clinic nurses and health promoters to identify the number of pregnancies and the gestational periods in each village, identifying areas of particular concern for malnutrition as priorities. Our vitamins are then distributed by Dr. Dubon and their distribution by prescription will be recorded for our reporting as required by our partners. There is a fair amount of birth defects as a result of a lack of folic acid or proper nutrients for women become pregnant. CHP-H is working with many resources to address children who are in need of surgeries or treatment for disorders. However, it is much more important to address the health of the mother and her infant before they are born. Through the grants from Vitamin Angels, our educational program and with the ability to get these vital resources on each clinic shelf we hope to see a reduction in these birth defects and an improvement in the health of newborns. This affects not just the babies, but also families who must cope with providing for children with special needs in a country with precious few resources. 



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