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Next Brigades: November 3 - 11, 2018 & May 25 - June 2, 2019

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There are many opportunities to make a difference as a team member. Although we work hard to recruit translators, doctors, NP’s, PA’s, Dentists, hygienists, nurses and pharmacists, we also need people with “general skills.”

Our brigade members are always surprised to discover their latent talents! We offer “on the job training” in our dental and medical clinics. Everyone has something to offer, and perhaps you’ll find strengths you weren’t aware of or become inspired by what you’ll learn from working with professionals who are happy to teach.

Pre-med and pre-dental students, dental hygienist students, people who want to improve or challenge their Spanish language skills will have a very rewarding experience. Students interested in global health studies will also have an opportunity to learn as they work beside the community and local practitioners. Many of our physicians and dentists come from renowned universities, they offer an extraordinary opportunity to learn from the best. Brigade members are all equal in a team setting. It’s not only a terrific educational experience, but a lot of fun as well.


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